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Risk communicated.

Clients happy.

Business is good.

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We’re out to change the way people think and talk about portfolio risk.

Risk isn’t a number. It’s not a personality test. It’s multi-dimensional. It affects lives. It’s real. And that’s why we work so hard to quickly show how exposing risk translates to success. Here’s how.

We provide metrics that real business decisions are made upon.

Risk statistics used by real-world risk managers.

How do we know? Because we’ve personally managed billions of dollars of risk exposure. You don’t have to settle for discredited theories and oversimplified models. To us, that’s unacceptable.

We provide access to next-gen risk tools.

We provide access to next-gen risk tools.

We’ve got massive computing power and we share it with you. What used to be available solely to the ultra sophisticated can now be at your fingertips in seconds or less.

We provide the tools to make you the best of the best.

We provide tools to make you the best of the best.

Having a realistic estimate of the downside is a must. We will help you set proper expectations for your clients’ portfolios and truly quantify risk tolerance. No more surprises. Just reliable numbers.

The PrairieSmarts Team

We care. So we share.

Our passion is to make our small part of this crazy world better. We’ve committed our time, drive and experience to make sure we get it right – not only for us, but for every business and individual in the risk game. And at this point, we believe we did. We’ve converged massive computing power with great math, and now we want to share it with you. This is not our first success, but it is most certainly our biggest.


Meet the Team

SmartRisk Pro


This is our risk analytics and reporting platform for financial advisors. At its core is a concise one-page portfolio risk summary that let’s you explain risk, in a simple, expert and meaningful matter. Take your risk discussions to the next level. Demonstrate your value.

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SmartRisk Enterprise

SMARTRISK Enterprise

Why build your own risk engine when you can simply access ours? With more than 500M daily risk calculations, and an obsessive attention to detail, we can bring risk analytics directly to your current platform, through our APIs. You’re in control.

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SmartRisk Surveil


Our team of industry experts will listen and deliver on your risk-related projects. More than systems, we can help your team with regulatory and compliance projects, or simply help take your risk group to the next level of sophistication. Give us a call.

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  • “There are different (partial) solutions in the industry. SmartRisk Pro is a one-stop risk solution.”

    Newbridge Wealth

  • “We will win business in the retirement space by implementing SmartRisk Pro.”

    Garcia Wealth

  • “The Investment Committee risk reports are insightful.”

    Carson Institutional Alliance Investment Committee

  • “After extensive testing, I’ve found the PrairieSmarts model to be a much better estimate of reality.”

    James Norrington, Investors Chronicle, Financial Times

  • “This is the next evolution of advisor risk software.”

    Sequent Planning

  • “SmartRisk PRO has helped us see risk in our portfolios in a whole new way and has changed the way we manage money.”

    Responsive Financial Group, Inc.