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Smart, relentless and honest.

That’s us. And the people we like to work for.

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We’ve worked on the corporate side of things. We’ve managed billions of dollars at risk. But we always dreamt of the possibility of helping more people understand and manage the risk in their portfolios. So we decided to walk the talk and create something that would make this possible. With our combined experience and our genuine passion for our clients’ wellbeing, we were determined to create the best information and the best tools possible. No shortcuts. No compromises.

And that’s what drives us at PrairieSmarts.

We know our stuff. The quality of our metrics is world-class. And now we want to share this information with others who care just as much about their clients. We don’t settle for easy, because neither do you. It’s about integrity, and it’s personal.

The Financier: Mike Chochon (Sho-Haun)

The Gray-haired Executive: Mike Chochon (pronounced Sho-Haun)

A 20-year veteran in the financial services industry, Mike is passionate about bringing better tools to all investors.  Before PrairieSmarts, Mike served as Chief Financial Officer of APEX Clearing, and before that, directed all finance operations at TD Ameritrade as its Treasurer and Head of Risk & Trading. Mike has extensive experience with capital structure, liquidity, balance sheet management, risk reporting, banking and rating agency relations.  His list of past employers also include E*Trade, Ernst & Young, Oracle Corporation and Iomega.

The Quant: Renaud “Ron” Piccinini, PhD

Despite being French and a PhD, Ron can be a great guy. He has spent the last ten years building world-class risk systems, successfully supporting tens of billions of dollars of assets. Prior to co-founding PrairieSmarts, Ron was the Director of Portfolio Modeling for TD Ameritrade where he developed and led the implementation of its real-time Portfolio Margin system, as well as the entirety of its internal stress-testing systems. Ron also has extensive experience with bank treasury risk systems and quantitative challenges.  Ron wrote his dissertation on what are now known as “Black Swan Events”, and how classic risk models underestimate true risk, three years before the media started writing about it. Ron is an expert on topics such as Quantitative Risk Modeling, Heavy-Tailed distributions and Risk Management, and is passionate about helping traders and investors avoid the classic pitfalls that can lead to career-ending losses.

The Engineer: Casey Rockwell

A 10-year veteran of core financial technology, Casey has deep appreciation for how data (right or wrong) influences decision making.  Prior to joining the team at PrairieSmarts, Casey worked at TD Ameritrade as a Manager of Data Automation and Implementation, facilitating enterprise projects to complete the integration of disparate risk systems and meet regulatory requirements.  Casey is an expert concerning cloud technologies and an enthusiast of the breadth of problems that will become solvable in the near future.  Casey also contributes to several open source software projects and is a vocal proponent for open standards for the web.