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Why use SmartRisk Enterprise?

In a nutshell, Enterprise empowers your company with the finest risk calculations around, period. But here are just a few more reasons why it’s better than other risk platforms.

SmartRisk Enterprise is:



You like what you see but need something a little different? Challenge accepted. Higher speeds, real-time risk information, data from different markets, etc. We get it done to your specifications.


The service we provide our Enterprise clients allows for smooth integration with our API, so you get to keep control of your UX/UI.

Cost Effective

Because Enterprise integrates with your current solution, you get access to the most accurate risk calculator, without the cost of an entirely new platform.

Who do we help?

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Enterprise at a glance.

Here’s a quick look at everything you get with SmartRisk Enterprise.

  • Best-of-Breed Models
  • Robustness and Scalability
  • Ease of Integration
  • No Need for Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

SmartRisk Enterprise offers savvy companies the best of both worlds in terms of performance and ease of integration. Our cloud-based risk calculator is designed for high levels of output quality and stability, and you can easily use it in your own platform through our API. On top of that, we customize to make sure Enterprise works for your business environment and is meeting all of your needs.

Smart Risk Enterprise is equally well suited to power either your user-facing applications or your back-end systems.

  • User-facing Applications

Display the portfolio risk metrics of your choice to your users, while being in complete control of your own UX/UI.

  • Back-end Systems

Calculate large numbers of risk statistics and use the results as information for a different process, such as calculating risk on all your accounts to ensure risk levels are in line with client objectives, or power your margin risk system for post-trade monitoring.

The Nuts and Bolts

There’s a lot going on in the backend of SmartRisk Enterprise to make sure you’re providing your clients with the most accurate numbers possible.


Massive Computing Engine

We harness the power of cloud computing to support 500 million daily calculations, each specifically working to generate smart risk estimates for your clients.


Best of Breed Algorithms

We’re risk experts who have managed billions of dollars; we know the math and the data. The standard old risk measures have been thoroughly discredited (as we saw in 2008). Our algorithms are the real deal. You can count on that. Isn’t it time to finally use heavy-tail distributions and crash-metrics to understand the downside risk?


Ease of Access

It is a breeze to connect your platform to our calculator through our APIs. It integrates seamlessly with your current software eco-system, making it incredibly easy to start analyzing your portfolios. If you need special modifications made, we will customize to your specs.

  • “There are different (partial) solutions in the industry. SmartRisk Pro is a one-stop risk solution.”

    Newbridge Wealth

  • “We will win business in the retirement space by implementing SmartRisk Pro.”

    Garcia Wealth

  • “The Investment Committee risk reports are insightful.”

    Carson Institutional Alliance Investment Committee

  • “After extensive testing, I’ve found the PrairieSmarts model to be a much better estimate of reality.”

    James Norrington, Investors Chronicle, Financial Times

  • “This is the next evolution of advisor risk software.”

    Sequent Planning

  • “SmartRisk PRO has helped us see risk in our portfolios in a whole new way and has changed the way we manage money.”

    Responsive Financial Group, Inc.