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Risk intelligence at your fingertips.

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Risk, meet Transparency.

SmartRisk Pro was specifically designed for RIAs, and it’s unlike any other web-based risk platform out there. Why?

We’ve created the most accurate and transparent one-page report that allows you to quickly and openly estimate your clients’ risk. Not in vague terms, but in dollars. The way it should be. No blurred lines. No confusion. Just real, honest numbers. On a single page.

With SmartRisk Pro, you can count on:


With each SmartRisk Pro report, your clients will have full transparency when it comes to their risk, which means they can trust you. More trust leads to happy clients, and happy clients lead to more clients.


Our platform allows you to play what-if scenarios with account positions so you can align your client’s risk tolerance with their actual risk. This allows your clients to see exactly how these numbers relate to them, making them more confident with their investment. And you.



There’s no need to fear the discussion of risk anymore. Our concise one-page report enables you to analyze, present and communicate portfolio risk to your client in as little as five minutes, and will help your clients understand every facet of their risk.

Get to know SmartRisk Pro.

Here are the specifics you’ll find in each report.

  • Asset Interaction

    Asset Interaction

    The portfolio’s upside, downside, expected return, and theoretical historical returns.


    Client Insight: Is their portfolio focused, diversified or hedged? Or are all of their assets reacting to the same factor?

  • Stress Test

    Stress Test

    A depiction of how the portfolio is likely to respond to large shocks in the benchmark of your choice.


    Client Insight: Are there hedges in place? Is their portfolio reacting linearly with the market?

  • Drawdown Analysis

    A view of cumulative returns since 2006, starting at an index of 100.


    Client Insight: Can they sustain a string of losses of this magnitude without having to sell at the worst moment?

  • Historical Returns

    Historical Returns

    The portfolio’s upside, downside, expected return, and theoretical historical returns.


    Client Insight: How volatile is the portfolio, and what is the average profit?

  • Returns Distribution

    A look at how the SmartRisk model fits the portfolio historical return data. This also compares it to the fit of a Gaussian/Normal/Bell Curve model.


    Client Insight: How does the volatility of your portfolio look? Especially in the tails of the distribution?

  • Reward vs Risk Ratio

    Reward / Risk Ratio

    The ratio of a portfolio’s expected gain to its expected loss.


    Client Insight: Are they getting paid for the risk they’re taking?

  • Total Portfolio

    Total Portfolio

    The net liquidation value of the portfolio (i.e., the net of long positions and cash, minus short positions and margin balance).


    Client Insight: What is their portfolio worth in the current market?

  • Total Risk

    An estimate of the downside of the portfolio over the next day, week or month – in both dollars and as a percentage of the total value of the portfolio. It allows you to set proper downside expectations with your client.


    Client Insight: How much can their portfolio fluctuate in an unlucky month?

The Nuts and Bolts

There’s a lot going on in the backend of SmartRisk Pro to make sure you’re providing your clients with the most accurate numbers possible.


Massive Computing Engine

We harness the power of cloud computing to support 500 million daily calculations, each specifically working to generate smart risk estimates for your clients.


Best of Breed Algorithms

We’re risk experts who have managed billions of dollars; we know the math and the data. The standard old risk measures have been thoroughly discredited (as we saw in 2008). Our algorithms are the real deal. You can count on that. Isn’t it time to finally use heavy-tail distributions and crash-metrics to understand the downside risk?


Ease of Access

With SmartRisk Pro, there’s no software to download. The entire platform operates in your browser. It integrates seamlessly with your current software eco-system, making it incredibly easy to start analyzing your portfolios.

  • “There are different (partial) solutions in the industry. SmartRisk Pro is a one-stop risk solution.”

    Newbridge Wealth

  • “We will win business in the retirement space by implementing SmartRisk Pro.”

    Garcia Wealth

  • “The Investment Committee risk reports are insightful.”

    Carson Institutional Alliance Investment Committee

  • “After extensive testing, I’ve found the PrairieSmarts model to be a much better estimate of reality.”

    James Norrington, Investors Chronicle, Financial Times

  • “This is the next evolution of advisor risk software.”

    Sequent Planning

  • “SmartRisk PRO has helped us see risk in our portfolios in a whole new way and has changed the way we manage money.”

    Responsive Financial Group, Inc.